Personal Training

You may be asking yourself “Why hire a personal trainer?”

  1. When hired, our personal trainers will work with you to help develop specific goals, both long and short term, and develop strategies to help you reach these goals. These goals will be customized to your specific wants and needs in exercise.
  2. Our personal trainers will also work with you to design an exercise program to help you reach your specific exercise goals; this will help you maximize what you get out of the time you put into exercise.
  3. Another benefit of hiring one of our personal trainers is they will motivate you to do better. They will help give you the push you need to help reach your personal goals.

*** By maximizing what you get out of exercising, you will also in turn greatly increase the health and psychological benefits associated with exercise, and also decrease your risk of injury during exercise.  Some of these benefits include: decreased risk of chronic disease and heart disease, weight loss, boost in energy, and an improvement in you

Getting a Personal Trainer

  • The first step to get registered for a trainer is to complete the Personal Training Request Form. (Form can be downloaded HERE or picked up at the member services desk)
  • The purpose of the request form is to not only show that you are interested in participating, but to also provide your trainer with some background information so he/she have an idea on how to structure your personalized program.
  • Once you have completed and returned the form, one of the Y’s Personal Trainers will contact you to set up your first appointment.
  • Vouchers for the personal training sessions can be purchased at the front desk.
  •  All information given remains confidential with your trainer.

There are multiple Personal Training session options available:

30 Minute Individual Session

  • This is a good option for anyone who has possible medical conditions that would inhibit them from completing a 45 minute or a one hour session. The 30 minute session is also a good option for anyone who is physically fit and wants a higher intensity training session with a condensed warm-up, cool down, and little rest in between sets.

45 Minute Individual Session

  • This session is for anyone looking for the slightly higher intensity of the 30 minute session but still want the small rest, warm-up, and cool down of the hour session.

*** 1 Hour Individual Session ***

  • The hour session is great for anyone looking for a moderate to high intensity training session. For most people, this is the best option for personal training.

1 Hour Group Sessions

  • Our one hour group sessions are great for anyone who is interested in personal training but would feel more comfortable participating in the session with others.

* With the one hour group sessions, there is a group max of 5 people per group.

* There is only one fee per group.


30 Minute Individual Sessions

Member & Non-member

  • 1 session       $20          $40
  • 3 sessions     $60          $120
  • 5 sessions     $90          $190

45 Minute Individual Sessions

Member & Non-member

  • 1 session        $25            $50
  • 3 sessions      $75            $150
  • 5 sessions      $110          $235

1 Hour Individual Sessions

Member & Non-member

  • 1 session          $30            $60
  • 3 sessions        $90            $180
  • 5 sessions        $125           $275

1 Hour Group  Sessions

  • 1 session                $100
  • 3 sessions              $300
  • 5 sessions              $475

Jesse Tyler pic

Jesse Tyler

NESTA Certified Personal Trainer

Jesse is an energetic 29 year old father of three boys, originally from Binghamton, NY area. When  not working out at the YMCA, Jesse also works as a Supervisor in Ulta Beauty’s Distribution Center. He has always been into fitness and played baseball, basketball and football in high school. Jesse also played baseball at Mansfield University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice Administration and a minor in Psychology. Jesse enjoys coaching and helping people achieve their goals, whatever they may be.


Michael “Mikey” Shuman

ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer

My name is Michael A. Shuman (but I go by “Mikey”) and I am a father of two wonderful kids, Alexis and Christian. I am currently a Staff Sergeant in the United States Army, former youth recreational soccer coach, competitive powerlifter, and have been a personal trainer since 2002.

I look for new ways to help assist every day people from young to old that are looking for motivation in the gym not just instruction. I incorporate unique tailored training styles for each individual that are intense and challenging, while unlocking their hidden inner potential, regardless of their experience and/or age. My goal is to build people up from the inside out and to give back to the communities through health and fitness education.

So what are you waiting for? Mikey likes it and so will you!


Jen Doub

ACE Certified Personal Trainer                    

Jen Doub is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. She enjoys helping clients of all backgrounds and fitness levels. Jen has designed functional training programs for clients who wish to improve their quality of life as well as those looking to lose weight or gain strength. She is excited about creating unique and challenging circuit workouts as well as weight lifting programs. Jen is a certified LIVESTRONG instructor at the Y and enjoys being a part of the cancer survivors’ support system and helping them improve their fitness levels.

For her own workouts, Jen loves weight training, especially power lifting. Jen enjoys spending time with her husband, son and three dogs. Kayaking, hiking, hunting and playing with her dogs in the lake are some of Jen’s hobbies outside of the gym. She is also very active in her church.
Jen would love to meet with you and help reach your health and fitness goals. If you want to have better function doing your daily activities, lose weight, gain strength, or all of the above, contact Jen to schedule a consultation! She is passionate about helping you!