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Personal Training

Let's Get Stronger Together

Our personal trainers are ready to work with you to help develop specific goals, both long and short term, and create strategies to help you reach these goals. Working with a trainer provides support, motivation, and accountability. Our Y trainers hold current certifications with nationally accredited organizations, and are ready to help you get the most out of your time at the Y.


1 Hour  Sessions

  • 1 session          $45
  • 5 sessions*      $215
    *5 session package is only $43 per session!

30 Minute Sessions

  • 1 session       $35
  • 5 sessions     $170*
    *Only $34 per session!

There are multiple Personal Training session options available:

*** 1 Hour Individual Session ***

  • The hour session is great for anyone looking for a moderate to high intensity training session. For most people, this is the best option for personal training.

30 Minute Individual Session

  • This is a good option for anyone who has possible medical conditions that would inhibit them from completing a 45 minute or a one hour session. The 30 minute session is also a good option for anyone who is physically fit and wants a higher intensity training session with a condensed warm-up, cool down, and little rest in between sets.

Getting a Personal Trainer

Booking with a personal trainer can be done at our Member Services desk.
All sessions must be booked a minimum of 24 hours in advance. After booking, your trainer will contact you to confirm your session, and set expectations for your session.

Individuals who have medical concerns, physical limitations, or are brand new to training may benefit from a Personal Training Consultation prior to committing to a training session. The Consultation is free for members, takes about 45 minutes, and is a great way for your trainer to address any concerns or questions that may arise when setting up a personalized program.

To help our clients track their progress, we offer one complimentary InBody scan with every 5 session package purchase. Ask your trainer how the InBody scan helps you dial in your training and diet, and keeps you motivated!

The InBody 270

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