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Aquatic Fitness Classes

ROM/Arthritis Aquatics

Promotes body awareness, helps relieve stiffness, increase flexibility and overall mobility and balance.  People with knee and  hip replacements are encouraged to come and join us as soon as all the stitches are healed. The warm water relaxes the muscles and lets your new joint work easier. People recovering from strokes and heart attacks are also encouraged to join us. The slow movements are easy to handle and fun to do. This is more a joint movement class than an exercise class. Easy access steps and a pool lift are available. Shallow water, low cardio, low impact class.  POOL 2

Active Aquatic Adults

This 55 minute class which provides a 30 minute of low impact aerobic workout and 25 minutes of toning of the legs, arms and abs. This class will improve flexibility and your cardiovascular strength.  POOL 2

Deep Water 

One hour class of deep water exercises includes 30 minutes of a HIGH cardiovascular workout and 30 minutes of toning of the legs, arms and abs. If you want a workout that will get you results  and reduce knee and back pain, then this class is for you! POOL 1

Power Hour

One hour of high intensity aqua fitness to help you lose weight and tone up those trouble areas. Program includes 30 minutes of cardio guaranteed to increase your heart rate and 30 min. of toning the legs, arms and abs. POOL 1


A low impact but high intensity aqua fitness class. Exercises are performed to lively, motivational music and effective and easy to follow. POOL 2