Dear Valued Member,

There is no doubt that this year has presented unprecedented challenges for everyone in our community. The ongoing pandemic has marked this year as a year of heightened anxiety, uncertainty and isolation. As a community, we have experienced emotional stress, financial hardship, and genuine concerns about our health and safety. 2020 is a year like no other and while it is easy to see the challenges,

I encourage you to take another look at 2020…

This year the true meaning of community was on full display here in Waynesboro. People came together to help their neighbors. Neighbors came out to support local businesses. Businesses found innovative ways to connect with their customers. Our YMCA felt the impact of the COVID– 19 pandemic, but we also felt the call to serve our community.

While our wellness and aquatic facilities were shuttered in the spring, our preschool child care program answered the call to provide respite care to first responders and essential personnel. Our staff found volunteer opportunities to help other charitable organizations serve our community. Free classes were offered online to help keep everyone active and fit. Our leadership team along with our members assisted with wellness checks to the vulnerable senior population in the area. We never stopped serving our members, we never stopped serving our community.

I encourage you to think of 2020 as the year we took the opportunity to serve and support each other.

Much like the community depends on the Y, the Y depends on the generosity of donors like you! We ask you to prayerfully consider contributing to our YMCA in order to help us continue to serve our community. Your supportive year-end contribution will allow us to make a difference, all year long. Your contribution will provide financial assistance scholarship opportunities, underwrite youth programs, and allow large scale community outreach to those struggling to thrive.  It is our belief that no one should be left out because of a lack of funds. As a charitable organization, we need your help to serve our community.

Send in your gift today or give at our website: and click the Donate Now button!
Thank you for continuing to support your YMCA. Together we can show strength through service to our community.

Warmest regards,

Amanda Gietka, Executive Director

Waynesboro Area YMCA
810 East Main Street
Waynesboro, PA 17268

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For 105 years, the Y has been here for Waynesboro and this Coronavirus pandemic will not change that. The Y is here for good. While we are confident in our ability to serve our community for generations to come, we realize their will be challenges. Donating now in support of these challenges and response to the current Coronavirus are greatly appreciated! Financial generosity now will allow the Y to serve Waynesboro throughout the coming weeks and months.
Gifts to our General Operating Support help us to keep membership and programs costs affordable while maintaining quality and timely delivery. Donating to the General Operating Support provides our YMCA with maximum flexibility to address funding gaps for programs and services.