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Try Our Newest Class Today!

The Waynesboro Area YMCA is excited to announce our new partnership with MOSSA, a respected developer of professional, high quality group fitness programs. MOSSA’s mission to get people moving while creating the best possible group fitness experience aligns perfectly with the Y’s mission to promote healthy living and build stronger minds as well as bodies.

We know that fitness is about more than how a body looks or how much a person weighs, it’s about moving better, feeling better, and improving your quality of life. It’s about longevity for playing your favorite sports, enjoying travels, and ease of daily chores, throughout life. MOSSA has developed programs that focus on functional movement, reconditioning, and injury prevention, as well as program specific training such as weight lifting, agility training, or cardio endurance. All of MOSSA’s programs are created to work for and inspire participants of all fitness levels, from the first-time exerciser to the experienced and lifelong dedicated participant.

 Group Power combines classic weight room exercises with a variety of functional integrated exercises to get participants muscle strong and movement strong. Dynamic music and a motivating group atmosphere will get your heart rate up, make you sweat, and push you to your personal best!  Be sure to check our social media for teasers, trailers, updates, and events!