Swimming Lessons

The Waynesboro Area YMCA swim lesson program follows the Y-USA swim lesson curriculum. We strive to develop a strong mind, body and spirit with each child that participates in our aquatics programs. Lessons are grouped together by age and ability.

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Waterbabies 1: (3-18 months)

Children will learn water adjustment skills, safety and more while singing songs and playing with water toys. Great for those new to the water, this class is designed to help your child feel comfortable in the water at an early age. One parent/adult must be in the water with the swimmer at all times.

Waterbabies 2: (12 months-3 yrs old)

Children will be working to gain independence in the water as well as beginning to learn the skills needed to transition to preschool swim lessons. They will become acclimated to the sights and sounds of the pool and are introduced to kicking, blowing bubbles, floating and general water movement through the use of songs and toys. One parent/adult must be in the water with the swimmer.

Pike: (3-5 yrs old)

For the child who may be apprehensive in the water as well as the beginner swimmer who is comfortable, but has not yet mastered the Pike skills. This class introduces the child to the basic skills such as kicking, paddling and blowing bubbles. Children will learn gradually to do these skills independently before moving to Eel. Swimmers use a personal flotation device provided by the YMCA.

Eel: (3-5 yrs. old)

For the preschool swimmer who is well adjusted to the water and eager to learn more! Swimmers continue to build upon Pike skills, are introduced to rhythmic breathing, learning to float independently for longer periods and swim longer distances with their face in the water and no floatation device.  PRE- REQ: Pass Pike skills or be able to swim the width of the pool on their front and back with a flotation device.

Ray: (4-5 yrs. old)

Swimmers are ready to begin developing endurance as well as improving stroke skills. Ray swimmers will swim in the large pool with little to no bubble and are introduced to rotary breathing. PRE-REQ: Pass Eel or be able to swim the width of the small pool on their front and back without a flotation device.

Starfish: (4-5 years old)

This level is for the swimmer who has passed Ray but is not old enough to move on to Polliwog or Guppy. Instructor will work on improving Ray skills along with treading, breaststroke & dolphin kick and water safety.

Adaptive Swim Lessons: (Click here for more information.)

This class is for those with special needs. It helps children learn new skills, learn to relax, build muscle and stamina through exploration and play. In turn, this will increase their self-esteem, confidence and awareness to water safety. Skills are taught based on each child’s individual ability and focus on basic water skills and water adjustment. Participants will gain confidence in the water and improve swimming ability that promotes success mixed with fun and play.

Polliwog(6-14 yrs. old)

For the child who may be apprehensive in the water as well as the swimmer who is comfortable in the water, but has not yet mastered rhythmic breathing. The class teaches skills such as proper kicking, front and back crawl, putting their face in the water and treading.

Guppy: (6-14 yrs old)

For the school aged swimmer who is comfortable in the water and ready to learn rotary breathing. They will build endurance swimming on their front and back, learn to swim breaststroke and be introduced to dolphin kick. PRE-REQ: Pass Polliwog skills or swim 25 yards on front with rhythmic breathing and 25 yards alternate & symmetrical backstrokes.

Minnow: (6-14 years old)

Swimmers continue to build endurance and distance while improving breathing and stroke skills. Children will continue to work on their front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke while learning the basics of butterfly kick, sidestroke and flip turns. PRE- REQ: Pass Guppy skills or swim 25 yards front crawl with rotary breathing, 25 yards backstroke and 25 yards breaststroke.

Fish: (6-14 years old)

This level will focus on perfecting the swimmer’s techniques in all strokes and further increase their speed and endurance. They will continue learning butterfly, sidestroke and flip turns off the wall during continuous swimming as well as racing dives. PRE- REQ: Pass Minnow skills.

Private Lessons

Private swimming lessons are offered to everyone! Please complete a private lesson registration form and return it to the Member Services Desk for approval from the Aquatics Office. Price includes four 30-minute lessons which are based on available pool time. Lessons are paid for in advance.

Homeschool Swim Lessons (3-15 yrs. old)

The Homeschool Swim Lesson Program strives to build long lasting swimming skills with an emphasis on water safety, while creating a fun atmosphere. Classes are held in Pool 1. Children should be swim-tested before registering, please contact Emily Miller, Aquatics Director.