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YMCA Wish List

Please view our Wish List!
Large outdoor pavilion for on-site programming
  • Day Camp
  • Teen Adventure programs
  • Family events
  • Teen activities
20+ acres of outdoor/wooded/natural property
  • Day/Resident Camp
  • Family Camp
  • Sports Camps
  • Weekend Camps
  • Outdoor/environmental programs
  • Ropes Course (team building activity)
  • Teen Adventure Challenges
Endowment gifts
  • Endowment gifts secure our future of service
  • Capital improvement gifts offset our depreciation
  • Memorial gifts secure your intentions

The Heritage Club

The Heritage Club of the YMCA is a group of 67 generous men and women who have remembered the Waynesboro Area YMCA in their estate plans. The club started in 1982 in an effort to begin an endowment fund to insure the long-term life of the YMCA. Currently, the YMCA Endowment Fund has assets of over $1.6 million and is controlled by our volunteer board of trustees. To join our Heritage Club, you are required to include the YMCA in your estate plans- will, insurance, retirement, etc.- regardless of level of gifts. Contact Alan Smith to discuss becoming a member of our Heritage Club.

YMCA Endowment News

Did you know that the Waynesboro YMCA receives a percentage of its support from the generous donations making up the YMCA’s endowment?  Through years of generosity and support, the Waynesboro YMCA has developed our important endowment which is necessary for the overall support of the YMCA.  Through this endowment, we are able to keep the cost of memberships more economical for families and members.  You can support your YMCA in any number of ways which we will be exploring going forward.
An outright gift of cash is the easiest method for an individual or family to give.  There are no gift or estate tax limitations and, as an added bonus, you can deduct the amount of the gift on your Federal Income Tax Return up to 50% of your adjusted gross income.  If you should be very generous and the gift should exceed the charitable gift ceiling for one year, you may carry over the remaining deduction to succeeding tax years until it is exhausted or for up to five years, which ever comes first.  Any and all gifts are appreciated, but if you have further questions about how you may support the YMCA both now in your estate planning, we will be happy to discuss this further with you and provide any assistance you may need.  For further questions, please contact Alan Smith.