Walking Together in the Community

Walking Group at the Waynesboro Area YMCA

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We’ll continue the afternoon walks at 3:45 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Due to low attendance and cold, the other times have been cancelled til Spring 2021!

Walking can often be a solitary athletic pursuit, but when you join a YMCA walking group, you join others who want to enjoy the motivation and encouragement of others.  There are so many trails and paths that we can enjoy right here in our community. PLUS, the WASHS track will have the lights on for you to enjoy a safe place to walk around during the afternoon!

Walking through the community, each walk will be lead by a Y staff person, starting and ending at the Y. No pets. All ages welcome; however, children 12 and under should be accompanied by a parent.
Intensity Level of This Program: All

Benefits of Walking:
Brisk walking 30 minutes five days a week reduces the risk of developing diabetes by 58%, decreases cardiovascular disease and obesity. People who walk are at lower risk of breast cancer and colon cancer. For people with osteoarthritis, walking improves mobility and function. In addition, walking improves psychological well-being and self esteem. And the Waynesboro area is so beautiful with many exceptional walking opportunities!

So lace up your sneakers and hit the trail together! Contact Kathy for more information.