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Welcome Back Training Package

We are so happy to see you back at the Waynesboro Area YMCA! Welcome back!



It’s been a while, and you may not be sure how much you’ve lost, gained, or what to do to get back on track. Don’t worry, we have the resources you need to regain your fitness, and set new goals for your summer.

The Welcome Back Training Packages gives you access to three different services, to provide you with the knowledge, motivation, and support you need to come back strong.

InBody Scan

$ 10

Cost Per ScanThe InBody Scan will interpret your body composition to show exactly how much of your body is muscle, fat, and water. Knowing your body composition is a powerful tool for helping you set realistic goals, and for tracking your progress.

Personal Training Sessions (2)

$ 70

$35 Cost Per SessionA personal trainer will help you create a workout routine to get you back on track fast. Session one with your trainer will consist of an interview to determine your goals, assess your fitness levels, and determine any imbalances or injuries. The second session will dive into your training plan, as your trainer takes you through a complete workout and leaves you with a plan for achieving your goals.

Nutrition Consult

$ 35

Per Hour ConsultYou know that exercise is only part of healthy lifestyle – diet plays a huge role in your overall health, fitness, and well-being. This one hour consultation with the Senior Program Director will explore your current eating habits, your goals, and how to tweak your eating habits to improve your health and fitness. You will not be given a “diet” to follow, but rather learn how to make healthy choices that fit into your current lifestyle.

Member Package Price: $63

With the Welcome Back Package, you get all these services for only $63!

Register Now!

Register online, or call our Member Services Desk at 717-762-6012.

After you register, one of our Personal Trainers will be in touch to schedule your first training session, and the Senior Program Director will call you to schedule your InBody scan and nutrition consult. Please make sure we have your phone number and email on file.

For more information, contact Sarah Santangelo at