Tae Kwon Do Martial Arts

The core principles of this Korean martial arts training is self-discipline and a high code of personal conduct with an emphasis on kicking techniques. All students will receive instruction based on current abilities and belt level. Beginners will learn the foundation of this martial art, while advanced level will continue to work toward mastery.




To ensure the health and safety of all, we have a few procedures in place for you and your child.

COVID-19 Guidelines for Fall 2020 Tae Kwon Do



  • Students should arrive 10 minutes early to begin warm-ups and prepare their gear.
  • Masks are required while in the common areas of the YMCA, and while students are not actively Masks must always be worn by observers. (If any guest in your party are under the age of 2, they are not required to wear a mask)
  • Students must have their own sparring gear to participate in sparring. Gear must be disinfected before and after each class.
  • Students are expected to arrive in their uniforms.Uniforms must be laundered after every class.
  • We strongly suggest that students come with their own water.
  • Students and instructors will maintain appropriate social distancing whenever possible.
  • Parents while in the gym we do ask that you maintain appropriate social distance.
  • Class time is instructional time – students must be focused and on task to finish class and be out of the building by exactly 8pm.
  • Please contact Sports & Rec Director Denzel Davis with questions – denzel@waynesboroymca.org or
    Senior Program Director Sarah Santangelo –  sarah@waynesboroymca.org.

Please click the link for a print-friendly copy of the COVID-19 Guidelines for Tae Kwon Do