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Wellness Center Updates

Coming the week of Thanksgiving, new Matrix Ultra Series weight machines for the Wellness Center!


Some features of the Ultra Series include:

User Amenities: All single-station units offer a convenient accessory pad, personal device holder and towel hook.

Incremental Weights: Easy to access and reference from the seated position.

Electronic Rep Counter: Tracks reps, activity time and rest time for a streamlined workout experience.

Independent Converging/Diverging Motion: Encourages a natural path of motion to enhance comfort.

Exercise Placards: Easy-to-read reference cards highlight targeted muscle groups and proper machine use.

Action Specific Grips: Ergonomically designed to reduce stress on contact points while enhancing feel, function and form.

Join us November 29 – December 4 during our Holiday Open House, to explore the updates to our Wellness Center and get tips on how to maximize your Wellness Center visit with our staff of fitness professionals!