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The Waynesboro Area YMCA is EXCITED to partner with D.A. Sports for Flag Football this Spring.

Register ONLY through Dell Anthony
Phone: 240-318-4494 (not available through the Y)

At D. A. Sports we thrive in teaching life lessons through Sports.
To teach our clients about hard work, dedication, desire and ambition. We promote accountability and respect for oneself and others. We strive in the betterment of our communities and families alike. We would also help with college recruitment exposure.

Owner Wendell Lee Sr
Wendell Lee Sr – has worked with children Sports organizations and teams for over 20 years. He has ran a semi-pro football team for 3 years in Oneonta New York, and has ran a basketball league for 10 plus years in that same city.
Co–Owner- Travis Pfistner
Travis Pfistner- has coached the youth Sports ranks for a few years from basketball to soccer, he has been an assistant coach to Wendell for a couple of years and with both being family men well ingrained into sports they decided to start D.A.Sports LLC. D.A. Sports is based out of West Virginia but serving the Maryland and Pennsylvania areas as well.
We look forward to serving you.